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July 2014

hope for the rope

Anybody who knows me, or has been reading me for a while, knows that I’ve long been tortured by the political division in this country. I think I feel it more deeply than some, because it reflects and exacerbates the division in… Continue Reading →

From the Crazy Bird Lady…

There’s a new issue of my newsweekly hitting the street as I type this, and part of the image you see here is gracing the cover. My husband chose this exuberant group of paintings by Ernest “Chicken Man” Lee, who’s one… Continue Reading →

coffee mug wisdom . . .

Living by revelation . . .

A birthday meditation

Yesterday was Amelia’s 13th birthday, and we took her out last night for her traditional Birthday Dinner at Outback. (Hey, it’s not a grand tradition, but it’s ours.) Though the evening was festive enough, I felt a heart-pang when she asked… Continue Reading →

Portrait of a Choir Director

That’s right. This is my choir director. My church choir director. And no, I didn’t say “praise band” or “worship team.” I said “choir.” We wear robes and everything. I met Vic Varner about 7 and ½ years ago, when… Continue Reading →

Parades, Parties & Politics

On the eve of another Beaufort Water Festival parade, I found a column I wrote four years ago about my life as a double-agent/dual citizen here in the Divided States of America. It seems dated only by the fact that Keith Olbermann has… Continue Reading →

The truth tickles . . .

On Conroy, Lewis, and being God-haunted

Many of you know I won some cosmic lottery and ended up working for the great Pat Conroy, part-time. This is my second go-round with Pat – I worked for him 20 years ago – and while the job’s not… Continue Reading →

On Hippies and Cheerleaders

This morning, my daughter’s off to cheer practice. That’s right… there is now a cheerleader in our house. I have mixed emotions about this recent development – surprise! – but Amelia is absolutely, positively, 100% excited. The other night, she tried on… Continue Reading →

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