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great love, pat conroy

Pat Conroy liked to write notes. Long ones, short ones, both trivial and profound. And no matter how long he’d known you, he always signed them: “Great love, Pat Conroy.” Always included his last name. I asked him about it… Continue Reading →

jean louise’s story

It’s far from perfect, its politics are not pristine, and it’s very much a product of its time and place. Harper Lee’s new (old) book Go Set A Watchman is a lot like her iconic character Atticus Finch. And I love them… Continue Reading →

on dead rock stars, american politics, and other sad things

In the last issue of Lowcountry Weekly, I dabbled in nostalgia. This issue, I wallowed in it. It’s been that kind of month. 2016 got off to a rotten start, don’t you think? Not only did January finally bring cold weather… Continue Reading →

a theological conundrum

Disclaimer: I’m trying to wrestle down a complicated theological question without doing any research whatsoever. The following is a collection of unfiltered ruminations straight from the confused noggin of a lay person. No experts were consulted, so a grain of… Continue Reading →

good riddance, resolutions

Note: This essay is four years old. It first appeared in Lowcountry Weekly in late December of 2011, so a few things have changed. But not the gist. **** Night before last, I dreamt of a garden. It wasn’t just… Continue Reading →

a true thing in the world

It was a dark and stormy night . . . Actually, it was early evening, and not quite dark yet, and not really stormy, either . . . just blustery and a little drizzly. But it was cold. Marvelously cold…. Continue Reading →

of serpents & doves

After the horror of Paris, social media did that thing it does. People draped their profile pics in the French flag – a few sweet seconds of solidarity – and then commenced to bickering. For most of us, it was an… Continue Reading →

prodigal daughter

When I made the impulsive decision to go back to church after two decades in the heathen wilderness, I bypassed the pews and headed straight for the choir loft. It was music, not religion, that brought me to First Presbyterian… Continue Reading →

new high school mom does happy dance

As Week Two of my career as a High School Mom comes to a close, all I can say is “so far, so good.” Or, as Bill Clinton might put it, I am cautiously optimistic. That’s a fairly glowing report… Continue Reading →

just an interlude

I’ve been traveling. Last week, my family and I flew from South Carolina to California to visit relatives, attend a family wedding, and have ourselves some fun. For days, we’ve been traipsing around fabulous San Francisco – which feels like… Continue Reading →

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