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on dead rock stars, american politics, and other sad things

In the last issue of Lowcountry Weekly, I dabbled in nostalgia. This issue, I wallowed in it. It’s been that kind of month. 2016 got off to a rotten start, don’t you think? Not only did January finally bring cold weather… Continue Reading →

good riddance, resolutions

Note: This essay is four years old. It first appeared in Lowcountry Weekly in late December of 2011, so a few things have changed. But not the gist. **** Night before last, I dreamt of a garden. It wasn’t just… Continue Reading →

a true thing in the world

It was a dark and stormy night . . . Actually, it was early evening, and not quite dark yet, and not really stormy, either . . . just blustery and a little drizzly. But it was cold. Marvelously cold…. Continue Reading →

of serpents & doves

After the horror of Paris, social media did that thing it does. People draped their profile pics in the French flag – a few sweet seconds of solidarity – and then commenced to bickering. For most of us, it was an… Continue Reading →

deconstructing pat conroy

I first heard the name ‘Pat Conroy’ as a young graduate student at the University of Alabama. It was the late 80s, I was fresh out of Sewanee – a kind of English major’s paradise – and Deconstruction was suddenly… Continue Reading →

of trees and forests and the idol politics

I was more than halfway through my walk this morning when it dawned on me that I hadn’t taken any pictures yet. I’d brought my phone-cam along, as I often do, but I’d forgotten to look around for small, exquisite… Continue Reading →

mother’s day and jenga

I just spent a half hour over at, which was probably not a smart idea on a Sunday morning, but especially not on Mother’s Day. I had no idea the holiday had so many detractors – even my beloved… Continue Reading →

on order, chaos & small, exquisite life forms

It’s still springtime, and my adventures in nature immersion continue… There’s this little brown rabbit – I’ve written about him here – who often appears before me on the cypress wetlands trail in the mornings, always in the very same… Continue Reading →

prayer on maundy thursday

This morning I was doing that thing I do – watching the news on the elliptical machine at the Y – and as my heart rate rose, I felt myself getting angrier and angrier. Truthfully, I was already in a… Continue Reading →

on springing forward

Well, they went and did it again. They made us spring forward. Seems like only yesterday we were falling back, doesn’t it? In reality, it was four months ago. We now spend only four months a year on Standard Time…. Continue Reading →

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