Last summer, Jeff and I were honored to be part of the Beaufort Portrait Project, a work-still-in-progress by our friend Gary Geboy, one of the South’s (Country’s? World’s?) finest fine art photographers. Gary asked his friends to come over to his home studio, each bringing an object we loved. (Maybe he didn’t say “an object you love.” Maybe he said “an object that’s special to you.” I can’t remember now.) My keyboard was kind of a default object. I really wanted to bring a piece of sheet music or a book. (Choral singing and reading? THOSE are my great loves.) But I came to the project kind of late, and those things had already been done. I had a very difficult time coming up with anything else. Lots of people had keepsakes and heirlooms and such. Me? Nada. Apparently, I’m not a person who loves objects. I have certainly never felt any love for my keyboard. I’m not even sure I love writing. But, as Dorothy Parker so brilliantly put it, “I love having written.” So, hats off to the contraption that makes it all possible. And relatively painless. Good on ya, keyboard.

Here’s a link to the Beaufort Portrait Project. I think you’ll agree it’s pretty cool.